Greener is the new line of vases made entirely of recycled plastic, to meet the needs for a cleaner planet and offer nature lovers the opportunity to be truly sustainable.



Plastic has a good and a “greener” soul.

For us, being “greener” means giving up producing new plastic to use what is already available to us. Because plastic is one of the most resistant and durable materials in the world and bottles, packaging, bags, stoppers and many other products can become new and useful objects that are beautiful and high-performing.


The culture of recycling is the only base on which the seeds of a better future can grow. Because plastic is worth much more than it seems,
and when its life-cycle is respected and exploited for its real potential, it turns from waste into raw material.


For those who are “greener” or who want to be.


Never before have people begun to become aware of the need for a radical change in habits, behaviour and everyday actions. The urgency to act is increasingly-shared
as is the search for sustainable solutions.


Which is why Greener was born, to promote a greener planet starting from our cities, neighbourhoods and homes, and to close the circle of a possible circular economy while respecting environmental criteria.

The seed of a better future.

The Greener collection is the result of a love of the environment and bears the mark of this origin. The shades of the products may appear
different due to the different colouring of the recycled materials. This aspect highlights the intrinsic value of every pot, which also becomes an item to chose because of its appreciable uniqueness.

What’s in a pot?


In a Greener vase, you’ll find:

. the promise of a better world
. the chance to do your part
. the true value of plastic
. a culture to share


Use your pot as long as possible and when you no longer need it, remember to dispose of by recycling it properly.
So it can be transformed into a new item.


And you, what will you put in your pot?

What’s the story behind a Greener pot?

Greener comes from the successful union of technology and nature.

It tells a great story of love for the environment.

Choose a Greener Pot, and bring a smile to our planet.

You too can play a leading part in the story!

Guya Greener pots

Linearity, cleanliness and elegance are the characteristics of a pot inspired by tradition, with a classic and timeless shape.

This product is very stable and robust, resistant and versatile.

The Guya pots line can be combined with the recycled plastic pots of the Medea Greener line.


Kezar Greener planter with under-trays fitted

Ideal for balconies, the planter has a graceful design that makes it ideal for any context.

It is equipped with a practical interlocking under-tray that prevents spillage on the surfaces below, and ensures a useful reservoir for the plants.


Kebe Greener plant box and squared pot

Kebe collection includes a large plant box and a squared pot with clean and linear design. Their double walls make them very resistant, while the injection molding technology ensures their lightness.

Equipped with adjustable castors, pot and plant box have a practical integrated water reserve, which offers permanent well-being to the plants.


Rio Greener cache-pot

With its great stability, Rio is the ideal cache-pot for your pots and preventing liquid spillage. An interesting range of colours emphasises its soft, enveloping shape, making this cache-pot a true interior and exterior furnishing accessory.

If necessary, the bottom of the cache-pot can be perforated at the points indicated.


Clivo Greener cache-pot

With its slim and dry design, the Clivo cache-pot is suitable for small plant pots. By choosing between different colours, you can create unique ornamental areas, both indoors and outdoors.


Clivo Greener Plant Box

Modern design and sleek lines characterise the Clivo Plant Box.

Ideal for storing herbs or creating small plant and flower arrangements, furnishing both indoor and outdoor spaces with style.


Clivo Greener cache-pot

Modern lines, striking colours and a raised bottom make the new Clivo Orchidea Greener an ideal ornamental planter for orchids.

Its small size and special raised bottom surface are important features for these plants to grow and thrive at their best.


Ono Greener cache-pot

The striking design combined with the width of the base makes Ono a stable cache-pot for small plants. You can choose from an attractive range of colours in line with the latest trends.

The solidity of Ono also makes it an excellent decorative item.


Rok plant bowl Greene

With its daring design, the new Rock plant bowl stands out for its entirely new finish on the surface: the new relief texture gives this cover an original look.

The surface is delightful to the touch and creates subtle shading with light thanks to its lightly ribbed finish.


Rok Greener cache-pot

The clean, minimalist design is perfect for showcasing plants, especially with the surface having such a unique, tactile, embossed finish, pleasant to the touch.

Its slightly striped finish is declined in a rich collection of bold, mix-and-match tones, among which Mango colour is the newcomer.


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